Roof Repair – Shingle, Tile and Flat Roofing leak Repair

Roof Leak Repair

Roof Leak Repair

Residential - Commercial

Assured Contracting specializes in leak detection and roofing repairs.

Most roofers want to sell you a new roof! in many cases, a repair is all that is needed. Correct roof repair can save you not only a lot of money, but can extend the life cycle of your roof.

We use only skilled and experienced craftsmen along with the proper high-grade materials for all repairs of residential and commercial roofs.

We offer guarantees on all of our tile roof repairs, shingle roof repairs, flat roof repairs, fascia repairs and gutter repairs.

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Our Benefits of Roof Repair

Fast roof leak detection

For over a decade we have been among the best roofing contractors in South Florida, we have exceptional experience in detecting water intrusion rather quickly. One of the best things a homeowner can do to protect his home is to be active. As soon as you discover a loss due to your roof contact us quickly. The sooner you find out the point and the sooner you repair the leak, the smaller and less expensive the repair will be. You will probably be able to save the rest of the undamaged roof as well.

Structural Repairs

Assured Contracting as licensed Florida General Contractors, can also complete to complicated structural repairs others roofers cannot. From re-framing to re-building to re-roofing we can complete all the processes you need without you having to look for other contractors.


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Roof Replace

All our roofing, new roof residential construction or roof replacement, have a guarantee and a long-term insurance that protects you from any damage caused by hurricanes or water infiltrations or extraordinary events.

Our company is accredited to get up 100% financing cost to make for roof replace for all models of shingles, clay and concrete tiles roofing.
You will have the opportunity to choose the best companies like Renovate America, Renew, Ygrene and Synchrony, and finance your roof, choosing how many years you are based on the maximum monthly you want to pay.

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Roof Leak

The most common areas roof leaks can occur in these areas

Rotted Fascia Boards: Fascia Boards are the exterior wooden trim that runs along the house. Many times a simple replacement of the wood fascia is all that’s needed however when there is evidence of rotting from the inside of the board this means that there is a leak on the roof that is causing the fascia to rot.

Missing/Damaged Shingle: A Missing or damaged shingle provides an open access for water to penetrate into your roof. The placement of each shingle is extremely important as a missing or damaged one can compromise the integrity of the roof.

A Backed Out Nail: Nails are used during the shingle reroofing process to install the roofing layers under the shingle. Many times these nails get backed out causing a cut through the shingle causing a significant amount of water intrusion into your home. Catching this type of leak early is very cost effective and extend the life of the system.

Cracked, Rotted or Loose Shingles: Unfortunately, wear and tear happens to all of us, including your shingle roof. This is one of the major causes for leaks. Our technicians will be able to determine if the roof is able to be repaired and how much time that should buy you before having to replace the roof. Shingle roofs tend to have a lifespan of 15-20 Years, many times when you’re dealing with multiple leaks it’s more cost effective to replace the roof instead.

Chimney: The chimney is one of the most frequent places to find a roof leak. Your chimney has four sides that have flashing. The flashing is what protects and seals the area where the chimney meets the roof. Having a tiny crack or unsealed flashing can cause a serious roof leak as water gets behind the flashing creating all sorts of problems for you.

Soil/Plumbing Vents: The soil vents is a pipe usually comprised of cast iron or PVC that extends out a hole through your roof. If the vent is not installed or sealed properly this creates an opportunity for water to get in.

L Flashing/Valley Transitions: This type of leak occurs when the L flashing is improperly installed. These leaks can be very large in size due to the amount of water traveling down the valley. The severity of these leaks calls for many homeowners to put buckets to collect the water these leaks cause. If left untreated the roofs decking becomes compromised increasing the cost and scope of work on the area.

Tile Leak: Here in South Florida many homes have a traditional tile roof. Tile leaks occur when the underlayment underneath the tile start to deteriorate because of harsh weather conditions, age, and of course the year round sun. If the leak is prolonged the wood decking can become rotted adding to the expense of the repair. It’s always a good idea to keep extra tiles when replacing your tile roofs as certain tile series/profiles become discontinued making it difficult and costly to get the tiles needed for a possible repair.

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